Western Sahara, SADR Management and Advisory Corporation

WS Management and Advisory Corporation
is the official representative of the CRA of SADR

About us

We would like to introduce you new world space for doing offshore business – Western Sahara, SADR, the self-governing territory on the African continent.

Establishing a business venture in the free zone Western Sahara, SADR (SADR) is an attractive option for foreign investors looking to tap into the huge potentials and excellent business environment offered by the SADR. There is no any FATF (GAFI) or any other control.

Our company cooperating tight with CRA of SADR (https://crasadr.com/) as the only one certificated agent. To get any of services offered by CRA of SADR you need to contact to us. Our active and professional team will process your application in the shortest possible time and will contact you.

We provide different offshore banking and financial services in the jurisdiction of Western Sahara, SADR:
Bank setup and formation
Creation and licensing of forex brokers
Online gaming licensing
Trust formation
Insurance companies

Our benefits


2. No CRS

3. No withholding taxes

4. No withholding taxes

5. No withholding taxes

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