Western Sahara, SADR Management and Advisory Corporation

We would like to introduce you new world space for doing offshore business

WS Management and Advisory Corporation
is the official representative of the CRA of SADR

About Us

We would like to introduce you new world space for doing offshore business – Western Sahara, SADR, self-governing dependencies of the Western Sahara, SADR, but they are not part of Western Sahara, SADR, nor are they part of the Morocco. The SADR is recognised as one of the most rising world’s leading offshore finance centres established themselves as e-commerce centres of excellence. The Central Reserve Authority of SADR (CRA of SADR) is committed to the effective regulation and supervision of Western Sahara, SADR’s financial services sector, by upholding internationally recognized standards of compliance, thereby positioning the jurisdiction as the preeminent financial centre in the financial services arena. Establishing a business venture in the free zone Western Sahara, SADR (SADR) is an attractive option for foreign investors looking to tap into the huge potentials and excellent business environment offered by the SADR. There is no any FATF (GAFI) or any other control.

World economic downturn leads to the fact that every year it becomes more difficult to find a jurisdiction where you can conduct your business and not be charged with countless taxes. SADR is a new player on the world stage, to ensure economic growth has created the best conditions for offshore business. We very much hope that you will use our services and appreciate all the advantages of having your business registered on the territory of SADR

Our company cooperating tight with CRA of SADR as the only one certificated agent. To get any of services offered by CRA of SADR you need to contact to us. Our active and professional team will process your application in the shortest possible time and will contact you.

Our Mission and Values

To ensure Western Sahara, SADR Management and Advisory Corporation consistently conduct our global business in a professional, ethical manner, we set out below our corporate mission statement, together with the values we adopt in our daily business:

To get in and stay in the list of world’s preferred corporate services provider, being the best at what we do, problem solving for our Clients;

To be surrounded by fantastic Clients located in every country in the world;

To be a firm that attracts talented employees wishing to work for and develop their careers;

To conduct our business with openness, transparency, and honestly. To respect and uphold our Clients confidentiality needs;

To continue to choose Clients who match our profile, ambitions, and values.

To accomplish our missions we resort to the use of values such as:




Make decisions

High standards


Why work with us

Why to get offshore company with Western Sahara, SADR Management and Advisory Corporation?

Competitive price policy

Confidentiality & data protection

High quality experts in Offshore business

Young creative team

As a quick overview, here are some benefits of offshore companies:

Ability to open a corporate bank account

No taxes at a corporate level

Privacy (for both directors and shareholders)

Strong asset protection

Professional appearance

Debts, assets, licenses, contracts can be made or held by the legal entity

Liability is limited, and you distanced from the actions of your business

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