IBC companies

Our IBC companies (readymade offshore companies) were incorporated specifically for our customers who want to get an offshore company for immediate use.

These IBC companies come with a director providing by the client. The documents that are included in the obtaining an IBC:

Certificate of Incorporation

Share Certificates

Register of Directors

Apostille set of the incorporation documents.

The services provided also include:

First year fees

Registered agent services (first year)

Registered office (first year)

International express delivery (with the tracking number) by FedEx or DHL


USD 690.00 with receiving electronic copy of documents
USD 1,790.00 with receiving originals

Please notice that if you set up an IBC with a perspective of getting any type of license in our company in the future, the minimum capital should be:

1. 500,000.00 USD - for a banking license

2. 100,000.00 USD - for any other type of license.

Opening banking account for an IBC

We do not provide opening bank account directly. After setting up an IBC we only will provide our client with a manager of the bank that will help our client to open bank account for an IBC.

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